The Making of Soul Stories

‘Soul Stories’ is a new book that I have had published. Within the book, twenty-eight people who have been clients of mine have given true accounts of past life experiences and spiritual journeys that they have had while working with me. I have helped them write their accounts. In some cases, there were several revisions, until their story felt right and correct in all respects. What I have attempted to do is to add commentary to the accounts to knit them together, and to give some explanations about how the therapeutic process of regression and inner Spiritual exploration works.

The journey of writing this book has taken some years to complete. Firstly, I had to find a cross section of clients whose therapeutic experience would be of interest to readers. Those people had to be willing for their quite intimate experiences to be shared publicly. They had to write a detailed description of their experience and how the therapy affected them. It was not always an easy process. There were numerous people whom I approached, asking if they may like to contribute. Some expressed initial enthusiasm but then declined due to their final decision to keep their stories private. For others, the act of writing brought all the experiences of their sessions back to them, which was both challenging and illuminating. My clients could perceive how far they had moved on since they had the therapy. Many of those who submitted their stories needed support with the process of writing it. I had to help them be forthcoming with the details of their experience so that they could express what was truly meaningful for them.

Eventually, there were enough submissions to be able to compile them into a book. I got the impression that those who contributed were glad to have done so. They liked that they could share publicly, an experience that was very precious to them. Many had the hope that the sharing of their story would also help others.

Many of the contributors are people that I would regard, not only as clients, but as dear friends. For me, to be a witness and facilitator of a process when someone accesses memories and awareness of their soul is wonderful. This generates much love. I have been privileged to work with them all.

The clients whose stories feature in this book come from several countries and this reflects the amount of travelling that I have done over the years with my work. Thankfully, the Internet has made it possible to co-ordinate with them. Although I began the work of compiling this book while I was still living in the UK, I finished it after I moved to Australia.

‘Soul Stories’ has been self-published in Australia. Copies are being sent to the UK so that they will be available there and in other parts of Europe. We are going to feature a space for reviews in our Soul Pathways website once they start coming in. Please contact us if you would like a copy or you can order it from our website.

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