What is Channeling?

We are Divine Souls, having a unique human experience. This is a truth that we all must acknowledge and accept if we wish to explore our spiritual identity. There are aspects to our nature that are very much connected to this divinity, this sense that there is a creative force far greater than we are. When we first tune in to it, we sit in silence and can begin to feel the energy that we emit as a human being. This vibrating energetic sensation comes from our collected thoughts, emotions and intentions. If we consciously wish to do so, we can tune in to the energy as it emits from other people, from other living things, and even from our immediate environments. There are two faculties that become engaged when we focus on this awareness, one is the ancient sense of intuition, and the other is our psychic faculty.  

We as a race have relied on our intuition to guide us to where we are today in terms of advancement and understanding of our world. It has helped us understand the unspoken interpersonal energy between ourselves, making and breaking the emotional bonds that constitute the nature of our relationships. 

Intuition is also the way we read the energy of our environment, and the way we acknowledge whatever is present. It is through this process of intuitive acknowledgement that we make decisions on how to act. To be consciously aware of our intuition, we first relay what we perceive to our minds. Then we formulate communication that we can express, both to ourselves and to others. It can be a challenge to make sense of this. 

For some, the inability to articulate this “gut feeling” is enough to render this sense undefinable, and therefore untrustworthy, and in some cases, unworthy. It requires work for us to learn how to be open to the sense of intuition. Once we do, we can learn to recognise it, to derive strength from it, to express what we perceive creatively, and to be inspired by it. Some have said that once they can tune into their intuition; it never leads them astray. 

The other sense that we engage in when we tune into energetic awareness is our psychic faculty. This sense receives impressions which come into our minds eye and into our heart. These impressions come from the spiritual realm, and through own consciousness. The spiritual realm is an all-encompassing creative force that houses the pure intent and love of All That There Is. Our Souls have come and will one day return to this realm when we have finished our human experience.  

Intuition is the feeling that resides in the body, that tells us the authenticity of what we are experiencing as we are experiencing it. Our psychic faculty may generate an intensification of this feeling. This feeling can become so strong that it can communicate to us much more than what we can see, hear or perceive with our ordinary human senses. Those who have a natural affinity with their psychic faculty, can see Spiritual visions with their mind’s (third) eye. They can also clearly decipher spiritual messages. Our intuition leads us to inwardly search for a way to authentically connect to Spirit so that this communication process may commence. We call this communication process, channeling. 

When we meditate, channeling can occur quite naturally. Our ancestors have used meditation to inwardly connect to the great creative force for thousands of years. It can be utilized not just for guidance, but also for creative inspiration. This practice does present levels of mastery, just like any skill.  It is through meditation that we find the best way to individually connect and channel from source. It is not about being better than others when it comes to accessing one’s own channeling ability. We do it to explore and express our own individual connection. What we experience when we practice meditation will also be unique. Remember, we are divine beings, no better and no worse than all other divine beings. We must be mindful of the mantra of humility, which has been passed on through generations. This is how we orientate ourselves into a worthwhile spiritual practice.  

There has always been a way for us to connect and express the love of Spirit, for Spirit watches over us with divine unconditional love. And it will be through our devotion and efforts that will bring us deep understanding of the meaning of our lives, and how we can best make of the opportunities to express our purpose. This is the most authentic method for us to be a channel to the creative expression of Spirit, which is an essential part of who we are. 

I have been a channel for a long time. When I was a child, I used to organically meditate. What attracted me to this practice was the “knowing” that Spirit loved me. It was the grief of missing that love, that led me to silently search for it whenever I felt alone or hurt by the world around me. I remember as I child, I would sit and quietly “listen” for that love. When I found it, I let it expand my heart with such a love, that I had no words to describe it. As I grew older, that love had unique messages for me, some that I would speak, or see. Thoughts would come through my intuitive sense to directly guide me. There were times in my life that I tried to block it all off. I found the everyday world to be existing in a rationale that only the mental faculty mattered. This was not satisfying. Eventually I could not bear to be too far away from Spirit. In recent times, I have reconnected more fully. Now the openness I feel to Spirit is an integral part of my life. Because it has become so, I can share its messages with others. 

I strongly believe that anyone can channel. We just need to let the mind’s eye expand and give voice to the greater consciousness that is all around us. Soul Pathways offer regular courses and workshops to allow you the space to connect, practice and share your channeling abilities. Through gaining skills to raise our vibration and express Spiritual love, we can change and heal the world, one voice at a time.  

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