Soul Stories: A Collection of Past Lives Stories

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Soul Stories: A Collection of Past Lives Stories


Paul Williamson is a Past Life therapist with over 30 years experience. In this anthology, he has collected accounts from a selection of his clients of past life regressions which hope to inspire you on your own Soul awakening journey and understanding.


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What happens when people undergo past life regression? Is it safe? What can we learn from it? How does it work? In this book, Paul Williamson, a professional Past Life Therapist with 33 years of experience, has compiled accounts of regression and Spiritual exploration from a selection of his clients. What is expressed brings forth diverse and enthralling personal recollections that in many cases, have been life changing for the people involved. Much of what is conveyed relates authentic stories that share deep and captivating psychological drama and soul learning. Together, these illustrate the scope of how inner Spiritual work can be healing and such a beneficial therapy. From lives on other worlds, past life memories involving murder and mayhem, to wondrous accounts of Spiritual inspiration, this book covers a lot of ground.

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