Past Life Regression

Using this transformational tool, Paul will guide you to experience the memory of one or more of your past lives, for therapy, self-exploration, and healing. Paul has been a practicing Past Life Therapist for over 32 years.

Evolutionary Astrology

Using your birth details, Dee will use her lifelong ability to read your individual astrology chart, so that you can gain insight into your Soul Journey and path of evolution.

Inner Child Therapy

Our child consciousness is alive within us, and may need healing and love. Using this therapy, Paul will guide you to connect with your child self to release pain and fear, and to build a more positive relationship with this precious aspect of you.

Life Between Lives

Paul is a qualified practitioner of Life Between Lives Therapy with the Newton Institute. This profound therapy will enable you to meet with your Spiritual Guide, Soul Group, learn about your Life Purpose and your as a soul in the Spiritual World.

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