Inner Child Therapy

The memories of all that we have ever experienced is retained within us. This includes events from our childhood. The consciousness of our child self is still alive within us.

Our child self may have been through experiences of being wounded, suffering, fear, pain, including many varied situations that were too much to cope with at the time. Although we may feel that these experiences are of no consequence now, they could still be affecting us in ways that we do not fully realize. By bringing our adult self to link with our child self with love, these wounds can be healed, and many separations between different aspects of our inner self can be bridged.

For us to feel in harmony with the various aspects of our being, the energy between these different aspects needs to flow. We, as adults need to support the elements of our Child Self with love. The qualities of our child-self include innocence, curiosity, openness, adventurousness, dependency, determination, play, trust, and wonder. For us to be happy, we need to feel that we can express all those qualities in our everyday life, when the impulse to do so, arises.

When we are little, we may decide that certain memories are too difficult for us to withstand. We may suppress those memories because emotions associated with them are too strong and overwhelming. The residues of these experiences may be held deep in our subconscious mind. To find healing and peace, we may need to clear and release the emotions and blocked energy of these memories. It will not only be the emotions that we need to clear. Amid fear, we can also form unrealistic beliefs about our world to survive. Now, those beliefs may no longer serve us. They could be interfering in our capacity to live a happy life. Until we acknowledge them and clear them, they will still operate from a deeper layer of our consciousness.

Your child self is with you now, not in any horrible situation from the past. We can become sensitive to the consciousness of our Child Self and give her/him love. In Inner Child Therapy, we teach you how to open those connections, and to communicate from your adult self with your child self. It is a delicate process but one that can be deeply sensitive and healing.

1hr & 2hr Sessions available:
$120 per hour

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