The Humanity Prayer Meditation

For many months now, on Friday evenings (Australian time), Dee and I have been facilitating a ‘Healing Circle’ evening as an opportunity to send healing out to people and the world. Each week, we have dedicated ourselves to this, and we have been joined by various members of our Community. The ‘Healing Circle’ has generally had a beautiful, spiritually uplifting atmosphere. We have engaged in simple practices of Distant Healing, Earth Healing, Healing for Self and Channelling. Over time, we have built up a shared devotion through the Spiritual service that we do. It has given us joy to feel the energy of love and healing channel through us. Our faith has been that this energy could go out from our Circle and into the world where the healing has been needed. Doing this Online, our group members have come from many parts of the world. This has helped us to feel connected more widely with our world.

Last Friday, when we were engaged in our meditations, I felt that something important was missing from our rituals. I was thinking about Humanity. The thoughts I had kept turning around inside me. My thoughts went like this.

There are so many people living on our earth today. I can feel that there are a lot of fractures in the way that people are relating to each other. Too many people are self-interested, only concerned for what they want. There are people, who are hateful and demonise others who hold different views than their own. Others suffer from loneliness and isolation. There is not enough happiness among people. We all live on this planet together, and there needs to be more love between us, the feeling that we all matter, and that all life on our wonderful Earth matters. People need to come together and co-operate, and then acknowledge the loving link that we share. I could feel that the thoughts of division that we carry within us would help to create those divisions and to perpetuate them. Perhaps our Earth would never be a perfect place for humans, not while we had free will. However, if we could live in our hearts and care, then our world could be a happier place than it was now. If we prayed and channelled loving thoughts and intentions to our collective humanity, then the energy of that could help to generate that consciousness. A world of peace and love between people was possible. I repeated that thought in my mind. An energy of resolve and determination rose inside me. If more of us believed that we could care and live together in peace and relative harmony, then we could co-create that. This was a thought that needed to grow. Our humanity needed to carry this inside our hearts.

I felt happy for this. As the Healing Circle proceeded, I thought of the structure for a simple meditation that the group could use to channel an affirmation for Humanity. I turned my attention to the meditations of the Healing Circle. After we had finished the Earth Healing ritual, I offered to do the Humanity Prayer Meditation. Some days later, I made a recording of this meditation. Here it is. Please feel welcome to try it.

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