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When I was a child, I had a rich and varied fantasy life. I could live within my inner worlds, and then feel quite enthralled by what I was creating. My inner worlds were quite often a lot more exciting than my outer life. When I was a child, I discovered that I liked to write the stories of my inner worlds and create long stories. In my late teens, I became fascinated with children’s books, and I wanted to write books like that. But it was not until I was a lot older, when I had been working with my Healing group, that I wrote my first proper book.

‘Healing Journeys’ was the story of how my Spiritual Path got started. It included case studies about Past Life and Inner Child sessions, and accounts of Spiritual healing and Channelling. It went a lot further than merely indulging my inner fantasies, for it included heart-felt Spiritual writings to help people on their own journeys. For me, getting ‘Healing Journeys’ published was one of the proudest moments of my life.

Over the years, I have continued writing books. In more recent years, I have focussed more upon books that were Spiritual stories. By doing this, I could embed tales of intense human drama with beliefs and outlooks that felt passionate and vital to me. My intention has been to share stories that could also inspire people on their path.

My first ‘story’ book was ‘Ilsa -Ancient Celtic Leader’. This is a rich and varied story with huge amounts of compassion expressed between the main characters as they face trials and adventures on their path. It has proved to be one of my most popular books. There are many Spiritual values, with an honouring of all forms of life. The main character, ‘Ilsa’, is a great model of strength and caring leadership. This book was based on one of my past lives.

Another ‘story’ book, I have written in recent years, is called ‘Rana’. I have called this my ‘Inner Child’ book, because the storyline shows pathways for how people can work through the inner wounds and damage that can come about through various forms of abuse. Rana is a girl who suffers a lot, but she finds her strength through a Spiritual Awakening she has when she is 15. Through meeting with her guide, she learns what she must do to put things right, not only for herself but for the rest of her family. Not everyone wants to read this book, but the feedback I have received from those who have read it has been remarkably positive.

I have also written two books, that go together – ‘Earth Warrior’, and ‘The Division’. These are fantasy books concerning the state of our planet currently, and how we, on Earth are destroying it. The main premises of these books are that the Earth itself has its own consciousness, and that there is a Spiritual world that where beings there are working to raise the consciousness of the Earth Spirit and Humanity. The drama of both books concerns the struggles for Humanity to find a come compassionate and inclusive path together, before it is too late.

I have copies of my recent books if you would like to purchase any of them. Regarding my first four books, ‘Healing Journeys’, ‘Atlantis – the Dark Continent’, ‘Soul Pathways’, and ‘A Seeker’s Guide to Past Lives’, the company that published them in the UK has sadly now been dissolved. I aim to write new copies of them in the coming year.

Paul Williamson

Paul Williamson Author and Past Life Regression Therapist

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