The Impetus of Love - Conversations with Reina

Love is all there is. It’s the driving force for your life force. Love is a dualistic energetic wavelength that promotes both acceptance and growth. One can live a life where there is growth in the materialistic sense. You can observe every day for a measurement of a level going up through your understanding and experience, but that level is set in a boundary made by Man. And all human beings in order to never become lost, need to understand their connection to Natural Law, which exists outside the structures and boundaries that humanity sets for itself. True growth requires Love, because it means you are about to walk into the darkness of the unknown. And without Love, that darkness will have no meaning, you will never have resonance, your sense of direction will mislead you. The very first step to understand Love is to understand it unconditionally.

Unconditional Love means that a period of deep reflection first has to be witnessed, and the truth of who you currently are as a Soul needs to be experienced. Sometimes this baring of the Soul is painful, and seldom do many people do it for this reason. This catalyst can happen many times during someone’s life, through the love of a parent or of being a parent, as an example. True unconditional love, means to offer the support for growth. Starting from acceptance, starting from taking the responsibility spoken by Truth.

And just like water travels through the veins of a leaf, this unconditional love nourishes the desire to understand what it doesn’t understand about itself. It faces the Sun, to receive the communication from something that witnesses it fully. For one can never truly know oneself, it is impossible. A Soul needs to understand that due to the impetus of life, change and evolution is inevitable, and therefore a true sense of self recognition is transient. That pain and suffering goes hand in hand with growth and healing. To ask for another perspective, to be given an avenue to see itself from another angle, is to allow for transition and transformation to occur. This cannot be done blindly, it cannot be done without assistance, and that is what Service is all about. How to help those, connect to parts of them they cannot see. And Service is Love in action. The Sun gives the cue to the leaf to produce a bud, to change so it can receive more than what it initially thought it needed.

Pain hurts. Yes it does, and the pain can only salved if the truth of it is spoken. Many people delude themselves in nebulous understandings, trying to bend the Truth, grasping to the tail end of Love, trying to rein it into a structure, a boundary. Again, this reckless action will just delay the inevitable, you cannot avoid Pain, just merely delay it. Growth will prevail, healing can occur.

Love is the light for uncertainty, it is a passionate light filled with promise and hope. Understanding is the first step towards the Truth and the courage that awaits you there

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