Ilsa – Ancient Celtic Leader


Ilsa – Ancient Celtic Leader


Ilsa is a deeply passionate story about a group of souls living in Ancient Celtic Society long before Roman infiltration. The book is based on the memory Paul has had of one of his past lives. We follow Ilsa’s journey as she contends with a vast array of challenges and opportunities, becoming a member of the Order of the Wise. The society where Ilsa lives is simple and based around knowledge of the Earth Spirit. Animals, plants, and stones are considered sacred. When someone dies, members of Ilsa's group can accompany that person as they return to the Spiritual world. This is a very compassionate heart-felt story, a favourite of those who enjoy Paul's writing.

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Ilsa is a passionate woman. Her life is a story of adventure, bravery, compassion, learning, leadership, triumph, and loss. She is a soul on a journey, learning many lessons and helping to lead and teach others. The drama of her life is set in an ancient Celtic world.

The society where she lives is ruled by a Spiritual government that espouses strong ecological values. Her people respect Mother Earth in all life forms that spring from the Earth. The Community where Ilsa lives, strive for peace and harmony in their lives. It is a vastly different world from the modern high-tech materialistic culture that we embrace today. Even though this story is set in the more primitive past, the characters in this story share strong values. We could learn from Ilsa and her friends. How they engage in life aligns with a forgotten past that we need to remember again.

Ilsa grows up to become the leader of her land. She is forthright but also vulnerable. All is not well in the land. There are threats of war and invasion. Ilsa faces personal struggles with some of those most close to her. It would be Ilsa's wish to make everything right with everyone she meets. She tries her utmost to do this. But sometimes, even the strongest and most determined souls meet limits to what they can do, and the lesson for her, at times, is about acceptance and letting go. However, Ilsa is not one to surrender, and her own fierce nature leads her on. When for others, all would seem lost, it is with this passion that finally Ilsa finds peace in this moving tale.

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