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During 2020, while so much was being shut down in reaction to Covid, Dee and I started to develop our Online Workshops. Neither of us had attempted to lead any form of Online workshops prior to this. At the beginning we found this incredibly challenging. With Zoom, we were faced with a group of people from numerous locations, all in their rectangle of space, on the screen in front of us. How could we deal with this? We had to generate a warm and compassionate group space while also doing deep and meaningful Spiritual development work. As time went on, we found our way. We did simple meditation rituals with our groups to inwardly link them together. Most of our workshops were constructed around graduated meditation processes interspersed with personal sharing. People enjoyed what we did, and they gained benefit from our processes. Soon we were attracting devoted followers becoming regular attendees of our workshops. We tried to develop a wide range of topics for our workshops to maintain fresh interest for all those taking part. For Dee and I, we had to be creative to compose the structures for our workshops. We rarely did the same workshop twice, and if we did, it was usually quite different the second time. Our Online workshops were evolving as an organic organism. What was pleasing to us was how friendships were forming between the various members of our groups. The sharing that occurred in our groups could be quite personal and deep and there was a strengthening of mutual support between those who joined us. Dee and I felt that we had the beginnings of what could be an Online Spiritual Community all the members of our groups. We wondered how we could further nurture that Spiritual Community to grow. In the later stages of 2020, we offered some free events to bring people together, and the beginnings of some training courses in Channelling and one on the Chakras. We started our Facebook ‘Soul Pathways Community’ group. However, we have sensed that we need to go much further.

Now, we have entered 2021. Dee and I are now living together, and that means that we can allow our work to have continuity, that it did not have in 2020. We have our new Website. Already, we are bringing forward some exciting new workshops, but we are going to space them out more. Rather than having blocks of workshops as we did in 2020, this year, we will allow the unfolding of the workshops to flow more easily. We know we need to innovate, and to bring forward new ideas so that our Spiritual Community can grow. Our vision is to help people to awaken to their souls, and to provide support for people’s Spiritual life to be nourished. Dee and I dedicate ourselves to Spiritual service, and we want that to spread out from others, so our members can also feel empowered to serve and help others. Much more is needed in our work this year. These are times where people are needing to live by their inner strength, love, and integrity. We welcome you to join with us as we move forward.

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  1. I would love to attend a workshop, particularly if it involves regression. Would you please let me know if and when. Many thanks.

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