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I found that the workshops were so well handled and so thought out. The size of the group was perfect for me as there was no time waiting for everyone to say their experience after each meditation. I gained a lot for myself and the insights were incredible as I have grown so much more than having someone balance my chakra, which has its benefits on itself. I felt the benefits every week and it was odd that my own inner being would come up with things that were relating to the next chakra that was going to be talked about, explained then meditated on.

A beautiful experience, much appreciated with the sincere guidance from Paul & Dee.

I found that the price being kept affordable makes it so much more attractive and felt it was really worth it,  as many times the prices are so hiked up and then your mind wants more and wonders if you got your money's worth.

Rashmita Ramji
London UK
Combined Workshops

I want to thank you both so much for the time, love and healing you share and spread in this world. I am always amazed at the power of your work, even though I shouldn’t be by now. I always leave your workshops feeling 'different' and more complete. The changes that follow can be subtle or vast and there is always a change, one that helps me grow. I am so grateful to be part of your journey, whether supporting or participating with the work you do.

Emma Lenihan
Manchester UK
"The Division" Book

Since I have started the book I have very vivid dreams of both earths. This feeling of dread, where Mother Earth is crying out in pain, has given way to a new future..a new beginning..a new hope. This book, page by page is resonating very deeply within my being. It is becoming very evident how much bigger this division is growing

Marina Brauer
Canberra Australia
Combined Workshops

Dee and Paul, have talents and skills that are unique and separate, yet combine beautifully also. They work together as a dynamic duo, with compassion and grace. These attributes also reflect in their solo pursuits. I highly recommend a workshop or one on one. You will find it fulfilling.

Yasmin Rose
Hobart Australia
Combined Workshops

Fantastic, insightful and affordable workshops which left me feeling calm and connected. I learned so much. I definitely recommend them to you!

Alison Ball
London UK
Combined Workshops

Thoroughly recommend the workshops - Paul and Dee bring an energy that is hard to match, and a great space to evolve and grow spiritually

Lisa Hasting
Sydney Australia
Evolutionary Astrology

I had an amazing reading with Dee. She has so much knowledge about her subject and is able to use this, along with her intuition, to provide compassionate guidance, which I found to be very helpful. The fact the readings are given from a soul evolutionary perspective also allows you to gain deeper insights into your own individual path. I would highly recommend her.

Hannah Barrick
London UK
Past Life Workshops

This has been a very powerful workshop, bringing clarity to choices made and paths followed in this lifetime. Paul's skill in therapeutic regression facilitates past-life and life-between-lives recall and helps workshop participants make sense of experiences which arise in our memories and are relevant to our lives now. Paul's technique is relaxing and focused, and allows participants to open up their inner awareness to unexpected and previously unexplored life issues. His interactive method inspires trust and offers emotional support in accepting the process. This workshop has been surprising and compelling. Thank you, PauI. I really appreciate what you have helped me uncover today.

Samantha Kazarinov-Hawk
Yorkshire UK
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