This is Paul’s Inner Child healing book. It is set as a story of a dysfunctional family where abuse of all kinds is rampant. Rana is the youngest member of the family. She is strong, but she cannot escape the effects of the abuse she is exposed to. At age 16, she has a Spiritual awakening that completely changes her life. She sets out to heal herself, and then starts working on the other members of her family. Parts of this book are extremely confronting, but it is worthwhile to follow it through till the end. For those who have suffered abuse in their own lives, ‘Rana’ maps out ways and means for you to experience your own inner child healing and to resolve issues that you have endured. Paul has received excellent feedback for this moving account. People have told him how it has been healing for their own situation.

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This book is one Paul has written that is relevant to Inner Child Healing. The process which the characters undergo is a journey that will help many people with their own Inner Child Healing. It is presented as a story about a dysfunctional family of four people living on a farm. Within the life of this family group, there is regular Domestic violence and sexual abuse. The unfolding drama of this story is viewed through the eyes of the youngest member of the family, Rana. When Rana is 16 years old, she experiences a Spiritual awakening which completely transforms her perception. From this time onward, Rana sets about healing her own psyche. Then she struggles to help the other members of her family. Her task is not an easy one, and there are some mighty obstacles that she must overcome. But Rana is incredibly determined, and her new-found awakened self is very aware and committed. The subject matter of this book is sensitive and emotional, and it deals with a profoundly deep healing process. Ultimately, the members of the family must all find their true inner path. Are they willing, and can Rana help them? This book may stimulate questions and give inspiration to those who have suffered similar problems in their own lives.

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