Marjorie is a biography of Marjorie Wilson, who was a gifted channel. For many years, Marjorie worked with Paul and she channelled her Spiritual Guide, 'Sojah'. Her challenge was that she suffered enormous pain and disfigurement from Rheumatoid Arthritis. While devoting herself to help and serve others, she carried huge suffering from her condition. The book outlines Marjorie’s life and death and passing into Spirit. The second half of the book details 'Sojah's' Spiritual Teachings.

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This is a book that Paul wrote as a tribute biography to his remarkable friend, Marjorie Wilson. Marjorie came from a working-class family. She grew up during World War II, married, and worked as a machine operator tallying accounts. Marjorie had her share of challenges, including deafness, not being able to have children, and having to care for her sister when she became ill with Alzheimer’s disease. But it was only when she had been stricken and incapacitated by Rheumatoid Arthritis, that Marjorie discovered her gift to be a Spiritual channel. This awakening transformed her life. It gave her purpose that she had not had previously.

Although still struggling with illness and pain, Marjorie worked selflessly to inspire, heal, and serve other people, and to channel the teachings of her Spiritual guide, Sojah. This book is the story of Marjorie's life and death, the Spiritual influences important to her, and the teachings of her guide, Sojah. Included are meditations channelled by Sojah, and accounts of meeting with Marjorie's soul after her passing into Spirit.

The author, Paul Williamson, was a close witness and colleague of Marjorie during the years of her Spiritual work, and has written this volume in part, as a testimony to her. It is also intended for anyone who is searching for greater Spiritual meaning and inner purpose to their lives, with the hope, that those who read this book, will be inspired towards their own inner awakening.

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