Earth Warrior


Earth Warrior


In our present age, Humanity is in crisis and the future of our beautiful planet is in doubt. In this book, Paul suggests that there is a Spiritual overview to what is happening to Humanity on Earth, and that the Earth itself is a living sacred being. This intense story follows the lives of a group of souls who have trained in the Spiritual World to be 'Earth Warriors'. Their task is to come to Earth and to find ways to help Humanity. Paul has written an intense book which flows between realities in the Spiritual world to what is happening on the Earth, including a very strongly experienced projection of a future that we may experience together. Earth Warrior is thought provoking and will spur you to question your own relationship to life on our planet, and perhaps to awaken the ‘'Earth Warrior' in you.

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In this book, Paul has written about the near future on this planet. Paul is an optimist and believes that it is possible that Humanity can find a way forward to embrace harmony and co-operation with all life forms on our planet. He also realises that this is going to be a great struggle. With Earth Warrior, Paul has constructed a story that suggests that there is a Spiritual aspect to the well-being of the Earth, that the Earth itself, is a living Spiritual Being, and that there is a living Spiritual World where beings hold an overview of Humanity’s Spiritual Progress. As the story proceeds, it crosses between events on the Earth and Spirit world how they interweave. There is a danger that through human greed, aggression, and inertia, that we may destroy or severely damage our world. The question arises to speculate if we are to preserve our world with all its beauty and wonder – how can we do that? Central to this story is the drama connected to a working group of souls who train in the Spirit world with the intention of incarnating on Earth and attempting to help humanity. These are the Earth Warriors. We follow the trials of one small group of these warriors as they work to fulfil their Spiritual objectives on Earth. As the group embark on their journey, many questions are raised about our values. How do we treat each other, the kingdoms of nature, and the Earth itself, and what could we do differently? It becomes clear that for transformation to occur for Humanity on Earth, it will be necessary for there to be a large-scale collective revolution of consciousness. Humanity needs to discover its Spiritual heart, and for people to continue to live by that. The Earth Warriors in this story do all they can to help. The intention that Paul had in writing this book, is to inspire the Earth Warrior in all of us to awaken.

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